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Wisconsin Personal Fitness

Your Home For Sustainable Individualized Weight Loss Solutions

What Will I do?

I teach clients of all ages how to establish valuable lifestyle changes and improve their health from day one. Take on self-empowerment, self-education, behavioral change, and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.

My Core Values

Wisconsin Personal Training is built on core values like Personal Responsibility, Perseverance, and Hard Work. We have created an environment of support and sustainability, helping you take pride in your results.

My Mission

I am committed to helping you stave off the effects of aging and enjoy true progress in your weight loss journey. I rely on innovative, relevant, sustainable fitness and nutrition programs that can empower you for life.

Personal Training New Berlin

Personal Training

Change the way you think about exercise with our Individualized Training in New Berlin. Our system gives you access to supportive coaching and customized workouts that can make your weight loss goals a reality in no time.

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Personal Training New Berlin

Group Fitness

Take on the best workouts in town and have fun in the process with an individualized setting in our Group Fitness Classes. Built for up to 3 students at a time, these classes can help you see results FAST!

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Personal Training New Berlin


See real results in no time when you take advantage of our Individualized Nutrition Coaching in New Berlin. This cutting-edge system is included with each of our fitness programs. Don't wait, sign up today!

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My Services

Proudly Serving Individualized Fitness to the New Berlin, Brookfield, and Elm Grove!

My Promise in New Berlin - Wisconsin Personal Fitness

My Promise

I pledge to provide you with a fitness environment that will be supportive, passionate, safe, and full of integrity while promoting excellence and fitness in the community.

Cardiovascular & Heart Health in New Berlin - Wisconsin Personal Fitness

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

The benefits of improved Cardiovascular Health are endless. Along with an improved heart, health, increased metabolism, and improved recovery time. You'll also stave off diseases and have you feeling good long after your workout.

Resistance & Strength Training in New Berlin - Wisconsin Personal Fitness

Resistance & Strength Training

Along with toning your muscles and building those bulging biceps and washboard abs, Resistance Training will also protect your joints from injury, help to build and maintain flexibility & balance, and help to burn off and keep off unwanted fat.

Nutrition & Weight Management in New Berlin - Wisconsin Personal Fitness

Nutrition & Weight Management

If your goal is to lose weight, look no further than your Nutrition. You are what you eat! I work hard to give you the tools, not only to achieve your goals, but more importantly, to sustain them!

Top 6 Tips To Slow The Effects Of Aging Now!

Discover our amazing secrets that will help you lose weight and feel great.



What People Are Saying

Still need convincing? Check out what people are saying about us.


What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
I have been a fitness “enthusiast” for most of my life—but menopause ushered in a whole new game that I didn’t like playing ---mainly weight gain around the middle. All of my old tricks to trim up were not ....

Personal Training New Berlin


What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
I was at my heaviest weight after moving away from my gym and not signing up for another membership at a new gym. I got really lazy and eating was my hobby. After seeing the results Ryan had gotten with his clients I decided to try the ....

Personal Training New Berlin


What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
I decided to make a change in July of 2017 after I had gone on vacation with friends and could barely walk up a flight of stairs without pain and shortness of breath. I originally asked my son if he’d help me get in shape, and he ....

Personal Training New Berlin

Darlene K.

Darlene has lost over 100 lbs in 9 months and she feels better than she ever has, she listened and followed the instructions and good things happened. It can be the same for everyone that jumps into a program. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
My creeping weight gain to ....

Personal Training New Berlin

Sandra Grinker

I worked with Ryan for the past 9 months and have had a drastic change in my lifestyle. I just turned 70 and he has me feeling like I am 50 again. Prior to working with Ryan, I hated exercising and sweating, but he had me laughing and smiling almost the entire time. My friends and family are ....


What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
I wanted to lose weight and I had tried everything under the sun on my own and nothing worked. I would lose about 10 pounds and then get stuck and go nowhere. So I knew I was going to need some help getting past that mark and I called ....

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Supporting YOU On The Path To Success

I am the leading provider of specialized and tailored health and fitness programs serving the New Berlin, Brookfield, and Elm Grove communities. By delivering premium individualized health and fitness services for our varied community, I am confident that we can help men and women of all ages reach - and surpass - their fitness goals. Whether your aim is to establish healthy weight loss strategies, lose that stubborn body fat, improve your diet, or just feel better in your day-to-day life, I can help! If you're looking to live a healthier, more fit lifestyle, look no further!

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